Benekids for kids

BeneKids, “Benefits for Kids”, is a non-profit organization that raises funds to invest in the expansion program of Hotel Con Corazón who invest time, research and capital in improving education throughout Mid-America, through hospitality establishments. 75% of the profits made by the hotels is invested in local schools for less fortunate children. Thus far, they have managed to open hotels in Nicaragua, Mexico and Guatemala and a fourth hotel is currently under development in Costa Rica, made possible by our donations! The raised money has supported many children in Mid-America to not only receive an education but also to prepare them for their future. These schools help to develop the children and create a source of stability and happiness in their lives.

We are an active charity foundation run by students since 2016, initiated by members of Student Association Comitas, part of Hotelschool the Hague, campus Amsterdam. Through organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors, BeneKids does their absolute best to raise as much money as possible every year. Since the donations made by BeneKids are actually investments in Hotel Con Corazón, we will eventually receive the donated money back. The aim, before 2030, is to start our own charity program with the returned money to further develop education within developing countries. Every initiative to extend these channels and our network is welcome!

Schools are about more than just education and that is why Benekids is adding incredible value to so many lives of children in Mid-America!