Rebranding from School of Life to BeneKids,
A couple of months ago, C.F. School of Life was contacted by The School of Life, an organization within Amsterdam that organizes classes with regards to life issues. They informed us, in a very kind way, that even though they admire what we are doing, they were quite bothered about the large similarities in our names. It had caused confusion amongst their stakeholders and ours, something that we experienced ourselves as well. Their name, is however, legally protected by the BOIP, and therefore board Scheepbouwer had no other option than to change the name. Moreover, as we are hoping to grow as a charity, we saw this as a necessity, not only for them, but also for us.
Within the past few months, Board Scheepbouwer had the important task of finding a new name. This process demanded time and a lot of energy, as we wanted to be completely sure that there would not be a name similar to ours. Furthermore, the name has to generally represent what we are doing and what we stand for.
This name, which is a assembly of the sentence, ‘Benefits for Kids’ will be used throughout the future of this charity organization and will be accompanied by the slogan: ‘with dedication to education.’ We consider this slogan to fit better with the new name and explain the purpose of this charity.
We are very excited about these changes, but mostly, we are looking forward to focus on what really matters: raising money for the education of children!

BeneKids is a charity foundation initiated by members of Student Association Comitas (S.A. Comitas), part of Hotelschool the Hague, campus Amsterdam. This initiative is brought to life in order to give something students take for granted, back to society, there where it is needed the most. The foundation provides loans to Hotel con Corazon, a Dutch foundation that builds hotels in order to invest 75% of their profits into supporting the education of children around the world. School of Life supports all their expansion projects in order to ultimately invest in the support and development of the future of the educated students, in order to improve the well-being in local communities.

BeneKids raises money by organizing events, receiving donations and attracting sponsors. Every initiative to extend these channels is welcome!