Student Association Comitas is an association with over 600 active members and more than 800 alumni. Throughout the year, S.A. Comitas hosts a wide range of events all over the city of Amsterdam. S.A. Comitas presents your company with the opportunity to connect with our members.

S.A. Comitas is always looking for constructive partnerships that add value to our association.
We offer business opportunities like:

  • A banner on our website
  • Organizing recruitment events
  • Banners/Logo’s on potential event photographs
  • A page in the yearly published Almanac (Yearbook) 
  • A banner that would be prominently displayed at any one of our events


Besides the options mentioned prior, our association is always looking for creative and new ideas for a cooperation between us and your company that we can work out together.

Are you our perfect partner?

We have constructed some creative sponsor packages
that give you an insight of the possibilities and options for you as a company.

You can contact us at:
Tel: 020 851 290 (ask for the Comitas office)
E-mail: comitas@hotelschool.nl

Everyone studying at Hotelschool The Hague,
Amsterdam campus can become a member of S.A. Comitas.
The yearclubs, sororities and fraternities all have their own characteristics,
which make our student association so diverse and unique.