Sign Up for DiesCie 2020!

Do you have what it takes to organise the next Dies Natalis? Then Comitas is looking for you! Use your creative mind to write the most convincing and funny motivation, or take it a step further and present yourself in a short video! The stage is yours! Click HERE to...

Donate to help fight Corona | Red Cross

As S.A. Comitas we would like to encourage all our members to help those in need. From ill patients, to the heroes that try to cure them, these people need help! We want to give back to society by donating as much as possible to ‘Het RodeKruis’. A worldwide...

Studentflex is looking for you!

Dear new Comitas members, Studentflex is already a fan of you guys!Time has proven that Comitas and Studentflex are an excellent combination for the challenging (side) jobs that we offer! Are you now or through time looking for a serious job at a multinational of...

Everyone studying at Hotelschool The Hague,
Amsterdam campus can become a member of S.A. Comitas.
The yearclubs, sororities and fraternities all have their own characteristics,
which make our student association so diverse and unique.