Boards Student Association Comitas 2020

Board Rijkmans 2020

Ms. Robin Rijkmans |  Chairman
Dear members,  my name is Robin Rijkmans and I am the Chairman of S.A. Comitas. As Chairman I am responsible for everything that happens within the association. Furthermore, I have to make sure my fellow board members perform all tasks necessary within their function. Finally, I lead the General Members Meeting and I am responsible for maintaining the outstanding relationship between S.A. Comitas and Hotelschool The Hague. I am extremely excited to make this year memorable for all members of S.A. Comitas.

Ms. Luisa Hartogh |  Vice-Chairman
Dear members, my name is Luisa Hartogh, the Vice-Chairman of Board Rijkmans. I am the contact person for all the sororities and fraternities within S.A. Comitas. In addition, I also maintain the rules & regulations, policies and articles. Together with Splinter, our Secretary, I will make sure that the students feel welcome and excited during the New Student Arrival. I am looking forward to be working with you all during this year!

Mr. Splinter Martens |  Secretary
Dear members, my name is Splinter Martens and I am the current Secretary of S.A. Comitas. In my position, I am responsible for all communication from and towards active and former members. In addition, I am responsible for the new student arrival and relationships with both CF Benekids and Student Council.

Ms. Eline van Malssen |  Treasurer
Dear members, my name is Eline van Malssen and I am the Treasurer of Board Rijkmans 2020. I am responsible for all financial affairs related to our association. I will also be making and controlling budgets for all events and continuously looking for opportunities from a financial perspective. Next to that, I oversee all the transactions that occur via our bookkeeping system and work closely together with the treasurers of sub-committees and boards. I am extremely excited to fulfill my duties together with Board Rijkmans and make it an eventful and memorable year for all members of S.A. Comitas.

Ms. Sterre Christern |  PR-Commissioner
Dear members, my name is Sterre Christern and I am the PR Commissioner of S.A. Comitas. This year I will be the contact person for all the sponsors and recruiting new ones! I make sure that pictures are taken at the events and that promotion is done through our social media channels. Furthermore, I am responsible for the Almanac together with AlmanacCie to create a nice overview of all the memories we are going to make this year!

Mr. Koen Ram |  General Commissioner
Dear members, my name is Koen Ram and as General Commissioner of Board Rijkmans 2020 I will host all major events and parties of S.A. Comitas. Included events are Introweekend, an introduction weekend to all new first year students, Dies Natalis, our annual anniversary, and Catch of the Day, one of our most exclusive events. Together with my board, IntroCie and DiesCie, we aim to create memories that last for a lifetime!

Mr. Daan Bosgra |  Bar Commissioner
Dear members, my name is Daan Bosgra, and I am honoured to introduce myself to all of you. I am the Bar Commissioner of S.A. Comitas. I am responsible for everything you need throughout the week. My main occupations consist of the Soos, my Soos Board and contact with ‘Sociëteit L.A.N.X.’. Apart from that I oversee all the Yearclubs, which consists of starting a Yearclub, all communications and ofcourse the fantastic activities. Last, but definitely not least, I arrange our Comi Sports, which currently consists of both a mens as well as womens hockeyteam.

Board RIJKMANS 2020

Ms. Robin Rijkmans  |  Chairman
Ms. Luisa Hatrogh  |  Vice-Chairman
Mr. Splinter Martens  |  Secretary
Ms. Eline van Malssen  |  Treasurer
Ms. Sterre Christern  |  PR-Commissioner
Mr. Koen Ram  |  General Commissioner
Mr. Daan Bosgra  |  BarCommissioner

SoosBoard Eggink 2020-I

Mr. Walt Eggink  |  Chairman
Mr. Friso Plakké  |  Treasurer
Ms. Roos Boudebah  |  Bar Commissioner
Mr. Daan Verwey  |  Order Commissioner
Ms. Nora von Arx-Leversen  |  PR-Commissioner
Ms. Juliëtte Buter  |  General Commissioner

Everyone studying at Hotelschool The Hague,
Amsterdam campus can become a member of S.A. Comitas.
The yearclubs, sororities and fraternities all have their own characteristics,
which make our student association so diverse and unique.