Boards Student Association Comitas 2019

Board bon 2019

Mr. Niels Bon |  Chairman
Dear members, my name is Niels Bon and I am the Chairman of S.A. Comitas. As Chairman I am responsible for everything that happens before during and after Comitas events. Furthermore, I have to make sure my fellow board members perform all task necessary within their function. Finally, I lead the General Members Meeting and I am responsible for maintaining the outstanding relationship between S.A. Comitas and Hotelschool The Hague.

Mr. Lucas Veerman | Secretary
My name is Lucas Veerman and I am the current Secretary of S.A. Comitas. I am mainly responsible for the communication from and towards active and old members. Furthermore, I am creating and managing all member files in the accountancy software. During the new student arrival, I am in charge of the buddies.


Ms. Tessel Verschoor |  PR-Commissioner
Dear members, I am Tessel Verschoor and I am the PR-commissioner of S.A. Comitas. I am in charge of having contact with our sponsors and recruiting new ones. I make sure all of our events are photographed and promote them beforehand through our social media.

Mr. Daan van Splunteren | BarCommissioner
My Name is Daan van Splunteren, and a pleasure to introduce myself! I am the current Bar Commissioner of S.A. Comitas. I am responsible for everything that you guys seek for throughout the week. Priority: Societeit L.A.N.X and the Soos Board. In addition to this I am the person whom is responsible for all communication with L.A.N.X. Besides this I focus on the Yearclubs (Starting a YC, Communication, activities etc.) and the lady hockeyteam of H.I.C.

Ms. Jadey Lingen |  Vice-Chairman
Dear members, my name is Jadey Lingen, the Vice-Chairman of Board Bon. As a Vice-Chairman I will be the contact person for all the Sororities and Fraternities of S.A. Comitas. Besides that, together with Lucas, I make sure that all the new students feel welcome during the New Student Arrival. Lastly, I maintain the rules & regulations, policies and articles.


Ms. Pien van Boom |  Treasurer
I am Pien van Boom, Treasurer of Board Bon 2019. As a treasurer I am responsible for all finances within the association. Meaning I will be making and controlling budgets for all activities and continuously look for opportunities from a financial perspective. Next to that, I keep track of everything via our bookkeeping system and work closely together with the treasurers of sub-committees and boards. I am extremely motivated to fulfill my duties together with Board Bon, and make it an unforgettable year for all member of S.A. Comitas.

Ms. Carla Stipp |  General Commissioner
My name is Carla Stipp and I am the General Commissioner of Board Bon. It is my responsibility to organise all events and parties of S.A. Comitas. For the big events like Introweekend and Dies Natalis, I work together with Subcommittees and create unforgettable memories for all Comitas members.




Board bon 2019

Mr. Niels Bon  |  Chairman
Ms. Jadey Lingen  |  Vice-Chairman
Mr. Lucas Veerman  |  Secretary
Ms. Pien van Boom  |  Treasurer
Ms. Tessel Verschoor  |  PR-Commissioner
Ms. Carla Stipp  |  General Commissioner
Mr. Daan van Splunteren  |  BarCommissioner

SoosBoard schoffelen 2019-I

Mr. Tom Schoffelen  |  Chairman
Ms. Lieve Bokeloh  |  Bar Commissioner
Mr. Daniël Basten  |  Order Commissioner
Mr. Splinter Martens  |  Treasurer
Ms. Robin Rijkmans  |  General Commissioner
Ms. Sterre Christern  |  PRCommissioner

SoosBoard Nekeman 2019-II

Mr. Tijmen Nekeman  |  Chairman
Ms. Nikki Laning  |  Bar Commissioner
Mr. Daan Bosgra  |  Order Commissioner
Ms. Mikaela Nilsson |  Treasurer
Mr. Koen Ram  |  General Commissioner
Ms. Josine Offringa  |  PRCommissioner